Imagine what the world would be like if the ancient Azteca civilization was still alive and contemporary today. Imagine a world of stone pyramids, all-powerful priests, and a caste-system interspersed with iphones, fancy cars and DJ’s at parties. Imagine a handful of people who know the truth—the sun WILL rise tomorrow with or without a blood sacrifice. Now, imagine you’re a teenaged girl with high ranking. What would YOU do when you discover the truth?

Review: Alia Tero: The Many Lives of Darren Datita

Alia Tero: The Many Lives of Darren Datita By: Lull Mengesha & Scott Spotson They say everyone has a doppelganger, a twin, a clone. Somewhere out there, there is, another you who looks JUST LIKE YOU but is living an entirely different life from yours. The basis of Alia Tero is this: EARTH HAS A […]