REVIEW: Retreat

It’s every millionaire’s dream haven. But, at the end of the season, when the doors are closed to all but the very, VERY rich this haven becomes a hell…

REVIEW: Suffer the Children

Suffer the Children By John Saul Genre: Horror If you keep up with my this blog, then you know I’m on a little bit of a John Saul ride. Even though the last book of his I read, Punish the Sinners, was far from my favorite book, I do like is latest efforts. So, I […]

REVIEW: Punish the Sinners

Punish the Sinners By John Saul Genre: Horror I have several favorite horror authors—my GO-TO set. Stephen King, Dean Koontz and John Saul. Although, to be truly honest, I really prefer Saul’s later work. Occasionally, however, I will choose to look back at some of John Saul’s earlier books. This is one. Like so many […]

REVIEW: Four Past Midnight

Four Past Midnight By Stephen King Genre: Horror I’m not really a fan of short story anthologies. So why buy a short story anthology? Wasn’t paying attention and bought it thinking it was one story. Don’t get me wrong. I love Stephen King. He is one of only four writers I would call my favorites. […]

REVIEW: University

UNIVERSITY By Bentley Little Genre: Horror   WOW! Bentley Little’s story, University, is one heck of a ride. Let me tell you what I liked about this book: It DEFINITELY has the spooky/creepy/scary vibe going! The main characters were 3-D-ish. In other words, they were relatable, empathy-worthy and real. ISH. I liked them all. However, […]