Hell House By: Richard Matheson Genre: Horror I’ve seen the movie. Well, the movie the book inspired, THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE. Released in 1973 and starring Roddy McDowell (my pre-teen crush), it scared the hell out of me. So, recently, when looking for a scary book to keep me awake in the middle of […]


Imagine what the world would be like if the ancient Azteca civilization was still alive and contemporary today. Imagine a world of stone pyramids, all-powerful priests, and a caste-system interspersed with iphones, fancy cars and DJ’s at parties. Imagine a handful of people who know the truth—the sun WILL rise tomorrow with or without a blood sacrifice. Now, imagine you’re a teenaged girl with high ranking. What would YOU do when you discover the truth?

REVIEW: Already Gone

Jake & Diane Reese are ordinary people. He’s a college professor and she’s an art dealer. What could be more mundane? However, things go from ordinary to outlandishly terrifying, in an instant, when Jake is attacked and two men cut off his ring finger, only to leave him bleeding and confused in a parking lot. Things go from bad to worse, however, when Diane goes missing and Jake is framed for murder.

Review: A Perfect Nightmare: A Novel

A PERFECT NIGHTMARE: A NOVEL BY JOHN SAUL John Saul has been around for a long time. His first book (Suffer the Children) was published in 1977 and became an instant best seller. I have read many of his books and find most of them to be a little better than okay, but not great. […]

REVIEW: Retreat

It’s every millionaire’s dream haven. But, at the end of the season, when the doors are closed to all but the very, VERY rich this haven becomes a hell…

MY Quilt

August 2017 It has been YEARS since I made MYSELF a quilt. This one is mine! I have no idea what the name of the pattern may be. THIS is the 2017 Johnson County Quilt Guild Mystery Quilt. I, and all those participating in this project, received the instructions for the quilt one step at […]

Lester’s Quilt

In all the years I’ve been quilting, my husband has been very supportive of my passion for quilt-making…but, not always personally involved. It’s not that he doesn’t care…it’s that he’s not really interested in quilting. I can’t blame him. One of his passions is fishing. I personally love to eat catfish. But, would rather die […]

H. E. Double Hockey Sticks!

July 25, 2017 Finished the quilt from h***. I’ve never had so much trouble with a quilt. This thing fought me every step of the way. I did more “un-sewing’ on this quilt than I have any 10 quilts before it. BUT, it’s finished. My daughter asked for it. She said she had fallen in […]