Review: A Perfect Nightmare: A Novel

A PERFECT NIGHTMARE: A NOVEL BY JOHN SAUL John Saul has been around for a long time. His first book (Suffer the Children) was published in 1977 and became an instant best seller. I have read many of his books and find most of them to be a little better than okay, but not great. […]

Review: Where the Dead Walk

WHERE THE DEAD WALK BY: JOHN BOWEN GENRE: PARANORMAL Kate Bennett is the host of a British Television series entitled WHERE THE DEAD WALK. Her production partner, Henry White is her biggest fan. Together they become entangled with Sebastian Dahl, a super-rich, very eccentric, philanthropist who may—or may not—have designs on Kate. Throw in some […]

REVIEW: Rooted

Rooted By: Idabel Allen Genre: Fiction “It all comes from the root. And Grover McQuiston was the root of it all.” My mother always says, “your roots give you wings.” While that may be true, for me, the roots in this story serve another purpose altogether. The shared roots of the McQuiston family give them […]