Review: Luminosity (Book 1)

Luminosity By: J.M. Bambenek Genre: Young Adult Dystopian This story centers around a teen girl, Aubrey Adams, living in the last days of the earth as they know it. Some cataclysmic future event is set to destroy the topography of earth and Aubrey, her family and friends are trying to survive the new world order […]

Review: Death Unmasked

Death Unmasked By: Rick Sulik Detective Sean Jamison, months—maybe weeks—away from retirement from the Houston Police Dept., suddenly realizes he’s lived before, perhaps many times. While he works toward solving what he hopes will be his last case in THIS life (a serial killer murdering women in Houston), he’s also looking for the love of […]

Review: The Lighthouse (Book 2 in the Berkley Street Series)

The Lighthouse By: Ron Ripley Genre: Horror Shane Ryan is a ghost hunter, by default. In book one of this series, Berkley Street, Shane moved back into his childhood and had to face—and conquer—the myriad ghosts there. In The Lighthouse, Shane is doing a favor for a friend. He maroons himself on a small island […]

Review: Berkley Street

Berkley Street (Book 1) By: Ron Ripley Genre: Horror Shane Ryan is a retired marine who just moved back into his family home, the place he grew up in as a child. Unlike your typical two story Victorian, this one is full of ghosts, demons and devils and always has been. Shane’s childhood was traumatic […]

Review: Immortal Shadow

IMMORTAL SHADOW BY: ANDERSON ATLAS GENRE: FANTASY/ADVENTURE Jibbawk, is a 9-foot tall vulture-like creature called a Shadic with red eyes and a long beak whose body is covered in poisonous (porcupine-like) quills was born a slave. When he bests dozens of other Shadics through a test of three trials he becomes the ruler of a […]

Review: Sub-Sahara

Sub-Sahara By: Ethan Arkwright Genre: Action/Adventure James Cavill and his team of highly militant private soldiers must be the first to reach a newly discovered ancient city—hidden for centuries beneath the sands of the Sahara Desert, revealed by a freak hurricane (in the desert!!)—and take from within the silver pyramid at its center what appears […]

REVIEW: The Keeper

The Keeper by Rebecca Neely Libby Klink is a mess. She suffers from severe anxiety, takes too much crap from her boss, doesn’t have a relationship and appears to be losing her mind. Then along comes Nick, a stranger who hops in her car while she’s stuck in a traffic jam and boom(!) her life […]

Review: A Coronation of Kings

A Coronation of Kings By: S. C. Stokes Two brothers, twins, separated at birth by fate. One, a sorcerer with skills and talents beyond imagination. The other, a warrior, a leader of men, a king in the making. Both fight against injustice and evil. Together, they change their world. Coronation of Kings has, at its […]

Review: The Esper Files (Book 1)

The Esper Files By Egan Brass During the reign of Queen Victoria, after a devastating laboratory accident, people all over England begin developing special abilities like telepathy, the ability to transport from one spot to another, and the capability to set fire with one’s fingertips. These people become known as ESPERS. Some use their talents […]

REVIEW: Shadows of Men (Watchers Book 1)

Shadows of Men By: M. Lee Holmes Fantasy Rhada, the High Protector of Kaena is dispatched to investigate a terrible happening in a land far to the north of Axenda, the capitol where King Firion and his queen reside. It will take a month to get there and back. This leaves Firion and castle vulnerable […]