Review: A Coronation of Kings

A Coronation of Kings By: S. C. Stokes Two brothers, twins, separated at birth by fate. One, a sorcerer with skills and talents beyond imagination. The other, a warrior, a leader of men, a king in the making. Both fight against injustice and evil. Together, they change their world. Coronation of Kings has, at its […]

Review: The Esper Files (Book 1)

The Esper Files By Egan Brass During the reign of Queen Victoria, after a devastating laboratory accident, people all over England begin developing special abilities like telepathy, the ability to transport from one spot to another, and the capability to set fire with one’s fingertips. These people become known as ESPERS. Some use their talents […]

REVIEW: Shadows of Men (Watchers Book 1)

Shadows of Men By: M. Lee Holmes Fantasy Rhada, the High Protector of Kaena is dispatched to investigate a terrible happening in a land far to the north of Axenda, the capitol where King Firion and his queen reside. It will take a month to get there and back. This leaves Firion and castle vulnerable […]

Review: A Pig with Three Legs

A Pig With Three Legs By: David Turri Comedian Tommy Dugdale can only be described—in the kindest terms possible—as a failure. His career as a funny man is a flop. He’s a divorced, overweight, alcoholic with a lousy girlfriend and no future. He and his best friend, Alec Swipple (himself a fall-down drunk on his […]

Review: The Importance of Being Prudence

The Importance of Being Prudence By: Elizabeth Porter I am NOT a big fan of Lay’s Potato Chips. That’s what I tell myself each time I open a package and nibble at the first chip. As I’m reaching back into the bag for chips two, three and four, I tell myself I’m just going to […]

Review: Noble Man (Book 1 Noble Man Series)

I am an unusual female. I prefer Sci-fi to Romantic Comedies and Horror to Fantasy and I’d much rather read a Historical Fiction tale to Contemporary Action or Thrillers any day. There are, however, exceptions to every rule. William Miller’s Noble Man (Book 1 of the Noble Man series) is one of those exceptions. Jake […]

Review: The Disembodied

The Disembodied By: Anthony Hains I was just recently contacted by Goodreads. They congratulated me for reading 50 books in 2016. To be honest, I was kind of disappointed in myself since I read sixty-two in 2015. But, I digress… The truth is, of those 50 books only a few could be called true five-star […]

Review: Dead Lemons

Dead Lemons By: Finn Bell Genre: Mystery/Action/Thriller WOW! To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much with this book. I don’t know why. But, boy, am I glad I was wrong. SO WRONG! This book begins with the main character, Finn Bell (yes, of the same name as the author) hanging upside down from a rock […]

Review: Lights of Love

Lights of Love (A Boundaries Book) by C. S. Lane Not long ago I had dinner at a friend’s house. She placed before me the strangest plate of food I’d ever seen. It was both unappetizing and unappealing. I wanted nothing more than to say, “No. Thank you…But…NO!” However, my mother didn’t raise me to […]