Write: How do YOU break through Writer’s Block?

Writer/Author friends: Have you seen the game below on Facebook? I’ve found it’s actually a pretty cool tool for breaking writer’s block. I use a character’s name and fill out the questions and when I’m finished, I can often get back to work without any problems. It takes you OUT of the block and puts […]

Write: Ambassador Angie!

Hey everyone! I got some great news the other day. I am now an Ambassador for the Booksgosocial Authors/Readers/Reviewer groups. Basically what this means is that I will be helping other authors to get to the word out about their books. And other Ambassadors for the groups will be doing the same for me. So, […]


WRITER’S DIGEST Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 336 By: Robert Lee Brewer | January 13, 2016 Last week, I mentioned three of my poems that were published in issue two of By&By Poetry on January 1 (click to read the poems). This week, I had a poem published on page eight of the debut issue of Englyn, […]

Write: Writing Tips from a Writer (??)

I published my first book in 2014. Suddenly, to my friends and family and small circle of “fans”, I’m an expert on the art of writing. Someone asked me recently, “What is your best advice for aspiring writers”. When I stopped laughing–not because I was trying to be insulting to the lady asking the question, […]

WRITE: The Writing Process

My grandson brought this home from school today…he’s in the 3rd grade. I looked at it and thought, “Hey, I can use this too!” It may be written for elementary school kids…but, good advice is good advice!