Tutu or not to Tutu

February 2004 My brother, Tracy and his wife, Christy were expecting their first child—a girl. I was so excited for them and for me! I was going to have a new niece! I wanted to do something special. But what? I called Christy and found out she was doing the nursery in “Ballerina Bears”. I […]

Review: Lights of Love

Lights of Love (A Boundaries Book) by C. S. Lane Not long ago I had dinner at a friend’s house. She placed before me the strangest plate of food I’d ever seen. It was both unappetizing and unappealing. I wanted nothing more than to say, “No. Thank you…But…NO!” However, my mother didn’t raise me to […]

Review: Vastitas

Vastitas By: L. G. Bittar Three men, two dilemmas, divided by centuries, entwined and enmeshed into one great story. Present day James Carpenter is tasked with the duty of deciphering a mystery when an ancient human skeleton and a small piece of hardware is found on the surface of Mars, by Earth’s Curiosity Rover, decades […]