The last of the Christmas 2000 quilts (also known as the Ping-Pong quilts–for the ping-pong sized tumor I had in my head that year) and it’s NOT a Trip-Around-the-World pattern!

It’s actually a Single-Irish-Chain. It was VERY easy to make and a great beginner’s quilt.

I made it for my mother-in-law who opened it on Christmas day, said “thanks”; wrapped it back up; put it under her bed and there it stayed until the day she died.

It’s on a quilt rack in my home now.

I have heard other quilters complain about having the same non-reaction to their quilts. It’s hurtful. Let’s be truthful! BUT, when a quilt is given–in my humble opinion–we have to let it go. What the recipients do (or don’t do) with it is up to them. It’s sometimes sad. But, it is what it is. We can’t let ourselves get tied up in knots about it. YES…it was a lot of hard work. YES…it was expensive and NO we don’t want to find it in a box under the bed or being used by the dog or covering a car. But, we can’t let ourselves simmer in anger either. Just know that next time, instead of something wonderful like a quilt, THAT recipient is getting a card and a box of stationary instead. Maybe.

About angieabk

"I'd like to think of myself as a blended mix of Southern charm and humor. What I really am is a hot mess of sin and sass. Jesus loves me either way."

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