REVIEW: University



By Bentley Little

Genre: Horror



Bentley Little’s story, University, is one heck of a ride.

Let me tell you what I liked about this book:

  • It DEFINITELY has the spooky/creepy/scary vibe going!
  • The main characters were 3-D-ish. In other words, they were relatable, empathy-worthy and real. ISH. I liked them all. However, some of the responses to stimuli were, for me, a little odd. But, just a little.
  • The action hit quick and stayed amped-up through the whole book. Very few lagging or slow-paced scenes. I personally like that; I’m not a fan of roller coaster rides, especially in my fiction world. A quick breather now and again is okay… But, I don’t want the action to be delayed or stopped for a romantic interlude or deep thoughts moment. I want to keep that excitement going. Maybe that’s just me.
  • Bentley Little has always been a favorite of mine. His horror stories are wild and out-there and totally NOT like anyone else’s.

Now, let me tell you what I didn’t like about this book.

  • As state above, I love “out-there” story-lines. This one is just a little too OUT-THERE. Just a smidge. The basis for the whole story is this: The state University is alive! It has become a living, breathing, moving, sentient BEING, capable of acting in its own self-interest; and it’s capable of causing all kinds of mayhem. You see, not only have the buildings, and the land surrounding the campus all come to life like some freakish cartoon, it’s an EVIL freakish cartoon. The University, as it so happens, can cause the humans on campus to do evil and self-harming things. Violent murders, rapes, beatings, suicides and more…
  • SOME of the violence depicted is a little too gory and just a tiny bit hyperbolic and maybe even unnecessary. Again, that may just be me, however.
  • There is no real reason given for this series of unfortunate events. This University is alive. So is one in Arizona and Texas and so on and so on. It’s catching! But, author, Little never really explains why. It just is what it is.

Over-all, this is an entertaining and fun horror story. I read the whole thing in one late night binge. It kept me up for another hour, maybe, thinking about it. “What ifs” and “I wonders” abounded. I would recommend this book, UNIVERSITY, to any devoted fan of horror.

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"I'd like to think of myself as a blended mix of Southern charm and humor. What I really am is a hot mess of sin and sass. Jesus loves me either way."

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