Review: Where the Dead Walk





Kate Bennett is the host of a British Television series entitled WHERE THE DEAD WALK. Her production partner, Henry White is her biggest fan. Together they become entangled with Sebastian Dahl, a super-rich, very eccentric, philanthropist who may—or may not—have designs on Kate. Throw in some gypsies, some magic and a ghost and you have yourself quite an entertaining story.

I liked this story very much. Although, to be very honest, it took FOREVER to get started—really started. More than once I remember thinking… “come on, come on”. HOWEVER, once it did hit its stride, it kept my heart racing.

One thing I found myself very impressed with was Mr. Bowen’s ability to write dialogue between characters that sounded (in my imagination) not only real but comfortable. Not all authors have this skill. Some want to impress with the bounty of their vocabulary, weighing down conversations with superfluous pontification. (Do you see what I did there? LOL) Or, they go the other way and “say” as little as possible making dialogue stilted and clipped. Mr. Bowen does neither of these things. The conversations between his characters are believable and easy to “hear”.

On a side note: The author, it appears, is British. As an American, I stumbled a few times over words my brain told me were either misspelled or inaccurate. For example: realized/realised color/colour torch/flashlight. That is certainly no fault of the author’s. I had to retrain my reader’s eye, is all.

I will be giving this story a 4-star rating only because of the slow start. Overall, this is a good, entertaining story and I enjoyed it. I hope you will too!

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