Review: Awakened: Book One of the Mind Agents Series (A Coming-of-Age Psychic Thriller)


Awakened: Book One of the Mind Agents Series (A Coming-of-Age Psychic Thriller)
byIgor Max

Have you ever read a book you weren’t 100% certain you liked…but, found you couldn’t put down?

That’s how I felt about Awakened.

It’s a story about four very unusual teens with psychic abilities who are “recruited” (kidnapped—Tomato/Tomahto) by the government to take on a pretty scary bad guy—Kasym (who also has certain unusual abilities).

This book could be categorized as a Young Adult story. It could also fit in the mystery, adventure, thriller and super-natural genres. None of that is a problem for me despite the fact that I’m a 52-year-old grandmother.

The issue I had, for a while, was how long it took to get started, really started. I’m one of those people who normally would close a book and never pick it up again if I’m not 100% engaged in the first chapter. I was not 100% engaged in the first chapter. Or, any of the subsequent four or five chapters. However, I promised someone I would give this book a chance and so I did.

Once the story got going, it was a neat read. (Showing my age with the word “neat”.) Once confronted with the knowledge that they did indeed have unique capabilities, the teens must learn how to use them to defend themselves and the rest of us against Kasym. That was a wild ride.

Having raised three teens myself, I felt the characters were truly well written. They were both believable and genuine—at least as believable as teen psychics and super-natural bad guys can be. Fear, anger, confusion, wit, humor and courage were all evident in these kids and they felt real, to me. These are all the emotions real teens would be feeling in these same situations. None of them went from being “Joe Blow” in algebra one minute to Spider Man the next. There was a real progression of character and time…maybe even a little too much of the latter. However, I WAS glad I held out.

There are some THRILLING moments in this book. Chases and battles are written with such ease that I almost felt as if I were watching them on TV.

This is the first book in a series to come. This book, AWAKENED, does leave the reader wanting more.

I WOULD recommend this book to anyone. My four-star rating (as opposed to a 5-star one) is due entirely to the slow start. Other than that, this was good book.

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