Review: Kachina



By: J. R. Rada

David Purcell, a modern-day traveling salesman, finds himself in the middle of an ancient Hopi war between modern Hopis living on a reservation, the Sun Clan Hopis (good guys) and the Bow Clan Hopis (bad guys) who have been living underground in a secret cave system for centuries AND the Dark Kachinas—malevolent spirits bent on destroying the “fourth world”—our worl

I truly enjoyed this story. It’s unique. The very idea of the two ancient tribes of Hopi living beneath the earth for centuries, along with the Dark Kachinas, then breaking through to our world is just entertaining and lots of fun. Don’t get me wrong, the story is filled with murder and mayhem, terror and terrorism. It’s not a “fun” story for David Purcell and the other characters to live through. But, for me the reader, it was a fun story to read.

R. Rada is a talented writer with a great deal of imagination and skill. It also seems to me that he has a great deal of knowledge about the Hopi nation and their traditions and religions. I found this information fascinating. So much so that I looked up the Hopis on Google, just to learn more. THAT’S the mark of a truly skilled writer—to leave the reader wanting more.

On the negative side: I did find a few misspellings and just one or two grammatical errors. However, they were so few and far between they did not spoil my enjoyment of the story.

Overall, I really appreciated this tale and would recommend it to anyone interested in mystery, adventure, ancient cultures, etc. It’s a great read.

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