A REVIEW: Mice of the Round Table (A Tale of Camelot)


Mice of the Round Table #1: A Tail of Camelot

by Julie Leung (Author), Lindsey Carr (Illustrator)

(Late Elementary Age through Middle Years)

When I was eleven, I read *Gone with The Wind* for the first time. I also read *Catcher in the Rye*, *To Kill a Mockingbird* and *Wuthering Heights* that same year. I’ve always read “above my age”. Now that I’m a grandmother, I find myself drawn to the Young Adult genre and even children’s books. I suppose I’m doing it all backwards.

Mice of the Round Table was written with middle school aged kids in mind. I LOVED IT!

Calib Christopher is a mouse. He’s the son, and grandson, of famous, noble knights. He has a great history to live up to. As a page for a knight of the Round Table—the one under the two-legger’s throne—Calib bemoans the fact that he may never be able to make good on his heritage and do something amazing and honorable. THEN, he and his friend Cecily discover something afoot …something dangerous and evil. Will Calib grab at his chance to become something more than he ever dreamed he could be? A better mouse than any man?

This story is WONDERFUL! Author Julie Leung is incredibly talented and imaginative. Her writing talents can be compared to Roald Dahl’s, E. B. White’s and Lewis Carroll’s. Flawless! Her narrative is inventive, genuinely fascinating and just plain fun.

Most of her story weaves itself in and out of the original tale, Le Morte d’Arthur (The Death of Arthur), written by Sir Thomas Malory in the 15th century—the story of Camelot, the legend of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

Don’t misunderstand me. This isn’t a re-telling of that story. This is a new and unique twist—not about Arthur—but centered instead on the animal kingdom; the one that exists under, in and around Camelot a generation removed from Arthur, Lancelot and Guinevere.

It’s about courage and cowardice, honor and betrayal, fear and freedom.

I find myself gushing and wanting to write pages and pages of colorful praises. To do so will just lead to spoilers…and, it will probably annoy you the reader. So, I’ll resist that urge and just say, I would recommend to ALL pre-teens and adults that love fantasy and fun.

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