Review: What Lies Inside (A Vampire Paranormal Romance)


What Lies Inside (A Vampire Paranormal Romance)

By: J. L. Meyers

Genre: Young Adult

Amelia and her twin, Dorian, have just turned 16. Like other kids their age, their lives are filled with teenaged angst. How could they ever know that things were just about to get worse! Imagine their surprise to discover that 16 years earlier, while in utero, they were infected with the vampire virus! Now, not only must they deal with acne, homework and ordinary teen rebellion but suddenly they’re also faced with an incredible urge to eat their schoolmates! Throw in a few mal-tempered werewolves, a Romeo and Juliet romance and betrayal of the highest order and you have a story worth reading!

I have discovered over the last few years that I really enjoy well written stories in the Young Adult genre, even though I’m a grandmother. THIS is a well written story.

I will admit that I felt the beginning was a little rushed… In just the first chapter or so, we’re introduced to the twins and their new-found abilities, insecurities and cravings all at the same time. In addition, we meet their mother, their uncle and Amelia’s best friend Kendrick (who all have a secret of their own) in such quick order that I had trouble keeping all the players separated in my mind. It seemed as if the author was very excited about her story—so much so that she just wanted to get to it A.S.A.P. I would have preferred to get to know the kids a little better first, as just regular teens, then have the vampire story introduced. (This is why I rated the story with just a 4-star rating. I wish the star system worked differently. This story truly earns a 4 3/4 rating.) HOWEVER, once I found my balance I got caught up very quickly and really began to enjoy the goings-on.

What Lies Inside is the first book in what promises to be a very interesting series.

L. Meyers has real talent and is a very imaginative story-teller. There are several twists in this story—which I will not reveal here. No spoilers from this quarter—and the author very skillfully raises just enough red herrings to keep the waters muddied to keeper the reader unaware of the truth until the penultimate moment.

I truly enjoyed this story and would recommend it to lovers of the paranormal and young adult genres.

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