Review: Pink (Episode 1)



By: J. B. Cantwell

Genre: Young Adult

Pink is set in 2095 when most of the world is underwater and most people live in a state of constant fear, poverty and starvation. The only way out for young people like “pink” (Riley Taylor) is to join the service. If she survives the 3-year enlistment, she’s set for life. Only the odds are not in her favor. Only 20% of those who enter the service ever live to get out of it.

Have you ever read a book during which you got so caught up that when it ended you yelled “NOOOOO!”? I have. This one.

I did not realize when I purchased it that it was part of a series. In fact, it’s more of a serial. A new installment is released about once a month. I don’t think I would have started it had I realized that. HOWEVER, I’m hooked now!

The author, J. B. Cantwell is incredibly talented. Her writing style is fast-paced, yet not rushed. She paints an incredible picture of 2095 and the characters within her story without overwhelming the reader with flowery words that really have no purpose.

I very quickly found myself watching Riley’s story with great interest as if I were there, a part of it, riding on her shoulder. At one point, Riley finds herself in a fist-fight with another girl and my stomach LITERALLY tensed up as if I were the one about to be hit. No joke.

When I reached the end of this very short first episode, I really did mentally squeal “NOOO!” I ran over to Amazon to see if there was a sequel. That’s when I discovered it was part of a serial. I will be reading this through to the very end. I MUST know what happens next! Now I know how my grandmother felt all those years ago, listening to her radio serials. How will I make it to the next installment of PINK?!

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