Review: The Town of Griswold



The Town of Griswold

By: Ron Ripley

The Town of Griswold is a lovely, but deserted old New England town that retired marine Shane Ryan and his girlfriend Courtney stumble upon and decide to explore. Little do they know that the town isn’t quite as deserted as it seems. Abel Latham a serial killer with a penchant for feet (ew!)—a man so low as to kill his own children—stalks the Town of Griswold torturing and killing any hapless tourists who happen to stop by. The police can’t catch him…mainly because he’s dead! It’s up to Shane Ryan to put an end to this evil, once and for all.

Shane Ryan, ghost hunter extraordinaire is fast becoming one of my favorite characters. He has an out-of-this-world collection of room-mates and an improbable career and an unimaginable physical ailment (Alopecia) that does not get him down. His life is sooo implausible! But, he is written so well—with humor, wit, fears and foibles—that he seems completely tangible to me. I think I’m in love with Shane Ryan (but, don’t tell my husband!)

Abel Latham, too, is written so incredibly well he gave me chills. He was an evil man in life and a demon in death. He scared me to pieces.

I love author Ron Ripley’s work. He isn’t as wordy as Stephen King and/or Dean Koontz, but he IS in that same class for me. He’s scary with a touch of humor. Hard to pull off for others, but not Mr. Ripley.

I would recommend this (and all Ripley books) to those who like to be a little frightened in the middle of the night!

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