Review: The Lighthouse (Book 2 in the Berkley Street Series)


The Lighthouse

By: Ron Ripley

Genre: Horror

Shane Ryan is a ghost hunter, by default. In book one of this series, Berkley Street, Shane moved back into his childhood and had to face—and conquer—the myriad ghosts there. In The Lighthouse, Shane is doing a favor for a friend. He maroons himself on a small island inhabited by a Lighthouse…and hundreds of ghosts. It’s his job to find out what they all want…and to stop the killing.

I recently read Ron Ripley’s first book in this series, Berkley Street, and fell in love with this character, Shane Ryan. I am STILL in love with this character. Shane is a deeply troubled guy with a wildly horrific past. He can be cruel and violent. Angry and resentful. Yet, he’s also witty and kind and personable. He’s romantic and caring. In other words, he’s a fully developed person. When reading about Shane, because of the author’s writing skill, I feel like I’m peeking into the life of a real person.

I really enjoy Mr. Ripley’s writing. His story lines are exciting and dreadful—just as they should be—while not being overly gory or gross. There is tension within the story that keeps the reader on the edge of the seat.

Dorothy, the evil ghost of a truly hideous human being, is frighteningly wicked. The things she was capable of while living—and now dead—are just horrible. You the reader love to hate her.

This is a fun read.

My favorite author is Stephen King. Mr. Ripley’s work reminds me, a little, of Mr. King’s early work.

That’s a big compliment in my world.

Looking forward to the next book in this series, The Town of Griswold. PLUS, I’ve just discovered that Mr. Ripley has MANY other books to read. I’m in heaven!

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