Review: Berkley Street


Berkley Street (Book 1)

By: Ron Ripley

Genre: Horror

Shane Ryan is a retired marine who just moved back into his family home, the place he grew up in as a child. Unlike your typical two story Victorian, this one is full of ghosts, demons and devils and always has been. Shane’s childhood was traumatic and horrific. Now, as a grown adult, he must face those ghosts to find out what happened to his parents who disappeared in the house 20 years ago.


Horror is my genre of choice. I love to be scared. The cover of, and the description of Berkley Street intrigued me. I am SO GLAD I chose it!

Great read! Scary, suspenseful, mysterious and just plain icky! I loved it!

Ron Ripley is a very talented writer. While reading one scene—one in which tiny little demon-like things drag a naked man down the hallway of the Berkley Street house, and past the open doorway of the room in which Shane sits terrified and watching, presumably to eat him or torture him or whatever—I found myself scared out of my wits and shaking. That scene lasted all of a page and a ½…maybe! TERRIFIED ME!

Shane is a great character. As a child, he was faced with these demons and ghosts on a nightly basis—although his parents didn’t believe his stories—and still turned out to be a great guy. He’s witty and fun and well rounded. He’s hard when he must be but, would prefer to be gentle and kind. He’s my kind of hero.

The antagonist of the story is the ghost of a little girl. She is one terrifying little hag. You can’t help but hate her!

Other characters include two ghost children just looking for playmates, a Nazi soldier who can be incredibly kind and inhumanly cruel at the same time; and terrifying ghost of an old man so filled with hate that he scares Shane even as an adult. There’s also a kind and benevolent skeleton who plays the violin.

They all make up a heck of a story!

I recommend it highly to anyone enjoys being scared.

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