Review: Sub-Sahara



By: Ethan Arkwright

Genre: Action/Adventure

James Cavill and his team of highly militant private soldiers must be the first to reach a newly discovered ancient city—hidden for centuries beneath the sands of the Sahara Desert, revealed by a freak hurricane (in the desert!!)—and take from within the silver pyramid at its center what appears to be an eternal self-sustaining energy source before anyone else. They face ancient booby traps, unethical archeologists, spies and other special forces some with murder on their minds.

My husband is a HUGE fan of this kind of fiction. Jack Reacher, Dirk Pitt, Jason Bourne and James Bond, these are his favorite types of heroes. THIS story—Sub-Sahara—would be just his cup of tea (and it will be; I’ve told him he MUST read it). But, me…not so much.

HOWEVER, I started reading it and fell into this story head-first and could not put it down!

It is a thriller in the first degree from page one to page 239 (the end). I couldn’t stop turning pages! I just had to know what happens next.

James Cavill is ALMOST an anti-hero. He knows what he wants to do—get to the energy source with as few casualties as possible—but, if he must sacrifice a civilian or two to keep his men safe…well, it’s all in a day’s work. Still, I found myself rooting for him and wanting him to win. As other nations and other special forces arrive at the hidden city—with the same goal as Cavill—all hell breaks loose!

The story is well crafted (even if it is a little implausible) and the writing is excellent. Mr. Arkwright’s characters are fully realized and completely believable. I am totally impressed with his work and hope to see more of it in the future.

I’ve been sitting here in front of my PC TRYING to find something about which to complain—fair and balanced reviewing and all that.

I suppose if I absolutely had to come up with something I would have to say that the background of the hidden city isn’t really explored at all. We don’t know who built it, when, why or how. BUT…I guess I didn’t REALLY need to know all that because not knowing certainly didn’t affect my enjoyment of the story. It’s a great book and I liked it immensely.

I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys action/adventure and to people like me who just want to step out of their comfort zone every now and again.




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