Review: Immortal Shadow





Jibbawk, is a 9-foot tall vulture-like creature called a Shadic with red eyes and a long beak whose body is covered in poisonous (porcupine-like) quills was born a slave. When he bests dozens of other Shadics through a test of three trials he becomes the ruler of a new planet, Lan Darr. Once settled into his new regime, Jibbawk discovers one of his new subjects is a human boy who stumbled into a wormhole that brings him to Lan Darr. The boy is fascinating to Jibbawk who become enamored with all Earthly things—electricity, weapons, farming, architecture and more. He and the boy begin traveling between the two worlds to bring to Lan Darr all those things that will make Jibbawk’s world much more interesting. His travels and his new fascinations begin to bring chaos to his kingdom.

This story is, without doubt, bizarre. And yet, it’s also a fun read.

Anderson Atlas’ imagination is vivid and exciting. I’ve never read anything like this before. That’s a good thing. It is a unique story with creative and unusual characters. I appreciated the author’s ability to draw for me his creations from the different alien species to the worlds they inhabit.

The plot is fun. Jibbawk’s drive to create a new Earth on Lan Darr is amusing. If only he knew what trouble he was in for trying to imitate our flawed world!

Jibbawk is vicious and violent. He kills with impunity and rules with fear. THIS is what causes in eventual downfall. You, the reader, just can’t help but hate him!

It’s not Lord of the Rings. The writing is sometimes clipped and sparse. No flowery descriptions or background needed. But, it’s a quick, fun read that will entertain you for a few hours. I just discovered that Immortal Shadow is the third book in a series. Obviously, since I didn’t know that before, it could certainly be a stand-alone story.

I would recommend it to anyone looking for a little light entertainment.



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