Review: The Esper Files (Book 1)


The Esper Files
By Egan Brass

During the reign of Queen Victoria, after a devastating laboratory accident, people all over England begin developing special abilities like telepathy, the ability to transport from one spot to another, and the capability to set fire with one’s fingertips. These people become known as ESPERS. Some use their talents for the betterment of the world; others…not-so-much. Nathan, Freya, James and The Professor are on the side of right when the evil mastermind Baron tries to control the House of Lords with his mind. Who will win this ultimate battle between good and evil?

This is a fun read. The Author, Egan Brass, is an imaginative storyteller and his characters are exciting to follow.

I will admit, it was hard NOT to compare these characters and this story to Marvel’s X-Men franchise; it’s kind of an “off-brand” version. And, honestly, the plot is somewhat formulaic. So, what? It was entertaining and enjoyable and I got to relax for a few hours and just enjoy being in a world different from my own.

My favorite parts of this book were the action scenes. As I read the words on the page, I could SEE the action taking place on the movie screen of my mind. “Fight” scenes in books don’t always work this way. Some authors get caught up in the minutia of descriptive terms making the scene seem sluggish and…heavy. Other writers, to make the scene seem exciting and fast paced, do the opposite. Bam. Pow. Kablooey and it’s over leaving the reader wondering how we got from point A to point B. This author, Egan Brass, found the median between the two and wrote these action scenes with a fair amount of excitement without slowing them down with too many bloody, gory details. This is a skill not all writers possess. Mr. Brass has it in spades.

My favorite character is Nathan—without a doubt. He’s charming and funny and just a little bit irreverent (Think Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool). He’s also tough and decisive and willing to do the hard stuff. Yet, Nathan also shows a side of himself that’s caring, kind and gentle.

My only “complaint” (and it’s really not a big complaint) is this: I felt that the explanation for the advent of the Esper abilities lacked…a lot. It was just sort of glossed-over and underdeveloped. I felt that I, as the reader, was being told, “this happened; you don’t need to know why; just go with it.” But, again, not much of a complaint because I DID just go with it and the story wasn’t hindered for me in any way. (However, this is the reason for the four-star rating as opposed to a five-star rating.)

If the title of the book doesn’t give it away, I will–this is the first book in a series. Be prepared to invest some time in this story if you want to know how it all turns out. I’ve already pre-ordered my copy of book two.

This is a diverting and charming story that had me LITERALLY laughing out loud on occasion and rooting for the good guys.

I would recommend it to anyone.


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