Review: A Pig with Three Legs

star 5

A Pig With Three Legs

By: David Turri

Comedian Tommy Dugdale can only be described—in the kindest terms possible—as a failure. His career as a funny man is a flop. He’s a divorced, overweight, alcoholic with a lousy girlfriend and no future. He and his best friend, Alec Swipple (himself a fall-down drunk on his way to ruining his own life) find themselves caught up in situation no one could have predicted. And it’s that unpredictability that makes their story a success!

205This is the third story I’ve read by David Turri. The first, 29 Argyle Drive, I liked; a lot. The second, Escarpment, I didn’t. This one I LOVED.

I must say; A Pig with Three Legs may very well be the strangest—and most entertaining—book I’ve ever read.

Tommy’s and Alec’s escapades are both revolting and hilarious.

The characters are dumber-than-dirt and yet they’re written with such skill that they are also sharper-than-tacks. There wasn’t a smidgen of ambiguity in my imagination as to who they were, what they were like, where they were in the great scheme of things or why they did the things they did. I KNOW these two men as well as I know my own husband. And, I because I do, I quickly came to realize I love *and loathe* them both.

The story was fast-paced and filled with surprises and twists—especially the ending. The whole book is incredibly well written and crafted. I’m very much impressed with Mr. Turri’s skill and talent. I’m fast becoming his biggest fan.

This was a fun book to read and I zipped through it in less than two hours. I could not put it down! Even when my bladder began to pound and my eyes began to swim. It was just too good to walk away from—even for a minute!

I would recommend this book to ANYONE!

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