Review: Dead Lemons

star 5

Dead Lemons
By: Finn Bell
Genre: Mystery/Action/Thriller


To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much with this book. I don’t know why. But, boy, am I glad I was wrong. SO WRONG!

This book begins with the main character, Finn Bell (yes, of the same name as the author) hanging upside down from a rock face, still connected to his wheelchair. Pushed from the cliff by a madman—who made the mistake of hanging on too long and tumbled down right after him…


But, I won’t. I hate spoilers so I won’t ruin anything for you, the future reader.

This book grabbed me from page one, word one, and it would not let go! The story line is fascinating and exciting and tension-filled… I could get very wordy with my enthusiasm for this book…but I won’t. Let me just say, it’s amazing!

The characters are well developed and 3-dimensional. They came to life for me, jumping off the pages like real people, living their lives right in front of me. I became a fly on the wall and I loved buzzing around this story!

Mr. Bell tells it in a series of flashbacks and present-day scenes that are deftly written and well executed. So much so, that at this point, I don’t know if this book is a work of fiction or an autobiography.

I can’t say too much, without giving away clues to the mystery. But, I will say this: the ending surprised me (which is often hard to do) and I LOVED IT!

Oh, how I wish I could elaborate on this story. How I wish I could describe the bad guys and what they’re up to and the good guys and what they go through. But, I’m afraid to offer even a subtle description; I might give something away and I don’t want to do that.

It’s fascinating!

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