Review: A Pig with Three Legs

A Pig With Three Legs By: David Turri Comedian Tommy Dugdale can only be described—in the kindest terms possible—as a failure. His career as a funny man is a flop. He’s a divorced, overweight, alcoholic with a lousy girlfriend and no future. He and his best friend, Alec Swipple (himself a fall-down drunk on his […]

Review: The Importance of Being Prudence

The Importance of Being Prudence By: Elizabeth Porter I am NOT a big fan of Lay’s Potato Chips. That’s what I tell myself each time I open a package and nibble at the first chip. As I’m reaching back into the bag for chips two, three and four, I tell myself I’m just going to […]

Review: Noble Man (Book 1 Noble Man Series)

I am an unusual female. I prefer Sci-fi to Romantic Comedies and Horror to Fantasy and I’d much rather read a Historical Fiction tale to Contemporary Action or Thrillers any day. There are, however, exceptions to every rule. William Miller’s Noble Man (Book 1 of the Noble Man series) is one of those exceptions. Jake […]

Review: The Disembodied

The Disembodied By: Anthony Hains I was just recently contacted by Goodreads. They congratulated me for reading 50 books in 2016. To be honest, I was kind of disappointed in myself since I read sixty-two in 2015. But, I digress… The truth is, of those 50 books only a few could be called true five-star […]

Review: Dead Lemons

Dead Lemons By: Finn Bell Genre: Mystery/Action/Thriller WOW! To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much with this book. I don’t know why. But, boy, am I glad I was wrong. SO WRONG! This book begins with the main character, Finn Bell (yes, of the same name as the author) hanging upside down from a rock […]