Review: Vastitas

star 5


By: L. G. Bittar

Three men, two dilemmas, divided by centuries, entwined and enmeshed into one great story.

Present day James Carpenter is tasked with the duty of deciphering a mystery when an ancient human skeleton and a small piece of hardware is found on the surface of Mars, by Earth’s Curiosity Rover, decades before human space travel to Mars from Earth is even possible.

Two-hundred years into the future, Astronaut Daniel Novikov and his closest friend, Richard Zimmerman, head of Project Ares—the program that sends human beings through space and time to Mars—face a crisis. The world’s water supply is depleted. People are dying. Whole countries are decimated. World war breaks out making everything worse. Daniel finds the solution but he’ll need the help of Richard AND James Carpenter a man from the past.

Vastitas, by author L. G. Bittar, is a novella. Therefore, it’s a pretty quick read. I, myself, read it in about an hour and a half. By the end of that 90-minute period, I was enthralled. The author keeps the story moving with small twists and turns and the occasional “look back” episode that give the reader insights and understandings into who James Carpenter, Richard Zimmerman and Daniel Novikov are and what makes them tick. The concept is unique and very well written. Admittedly, because it IS a novella, there is a feeling that you, the reader, are getting the very bare bones of the story—and you are—but, that does not detract from the essence of the story.

I personally would love to see the author, L. G. Bittar, flesh out his characters and his story into a true novel.

I would, without reservation, give this novella a 5-star rating and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys Sci-fi and/or Time Travel stories. Great read.

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