Review: Erasing Ramona

5 Stars

Erasing Ramona

By: Peggy Rothschild

THIS is an extremely well-written tale.

For me, it hits all the marks. It’s a murder mystery, a horror story, a survivalist’s narrative and a family drama (plus much more) all wrapped up together in one book. It grabbed me, right from the start. Suzy a.k.a. Ramona, a.k.a. Miranda gets word that her father has passed away and she desperately wants to go home to attend his funeral. The question is: will it be safe to go home?

There are so many reasons why this is a very valid question. None of them can I share with you without throwing out spoilers, so I won’t. However, you should know…

That this is an exciting read with lots of twists and turns. It’s fast-paced and in constant motion. When Ramona (a.k.a. Suzy/Miranda) turns left, she’s faced with horrible memories, nightmares and terrors from her past.

When she turns right, she’s hit in the face with family drama. Her mother is neglectful, critical and emotionally abusive, holier-than-though and just plain mean. And then there’s Trevor…her mother’s butler(?)/lover(?)/snooty old fart who can’t stand Miranda and actively sets out to do her harm.

And, if that weren’t enough, when Miranda (Ramona/Suzy) turns north, she’s attacked, hunted and abused by strangers—one in-particular stranger she calls “the Elf” tries to kill her more than once—for reasons she cannot fathom.

And south leads only to danger.

What’s a girl to do?

That’s for you, the reader, to find out!

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to read engaging, exciting and enthralling works of good fiction!

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"I'd like to think of myself as a blended mix of Southern charm and humor. What I really am is a hot mess of sin and sass. Jesus loves me either way."

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