Review: Forevermore the Novel

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Forevermore the Novel

By Jennie Hendrickson

This book is split into sections. Book one follows the life Mary Magdala (a follower of Jesus) and Jesus the Christ before and up to his death (?) on the cross. The author continues to chronicle the life of Mary after the death of Jesus unto her own death. Book two follows modern day Jennie Drew through her life from childhood through the 50’s and 60’s into adulthood. We see her go through two marriages, several lovers and a couple of cars until she decides that she may be the reincarnation of Mary Magdala and her married, doctor-lover the reborn Christ. They are followed, bugged, harassed and Dr. Christ is eventually kidnapped and held captive for his blood and his semen by Hitler-like faceless bad guys until….

This book is…weird. There’s just no other way to put it.

In the first half of the book, the author plays fast-and-loose with the basic core beliefs of Christianity, offering an alternative explanation for the happenings before and after the death of Christ using scripture to defend the author’s thesis. HONESTLY, as a Christian, I’m not okay with this. HOWEVER, if it were written as fiction I’d be more than willing to have an open mind. However, it appeared—to me that it was meant to be read as biographical, reality. But, I will admit, that might not be the case. After a while I really wasn’t sure what the author was up to…

In the second half of the book—the story of Jennie Drew—which by-the-way, slams into the reader with no warning; one moment we’re with Mary of Magdala up until her death (and the reader follows her child Sarah for a few quick decades) and the next moment we’re with Jennie as a child as her story begins. This part of the story lags and dribbles in bits and pieces like a leaky faucet. Characters are introduced willy-nilly and are gone just as strangely as we watch Jennie plod through her life one painfully boring day to the next until, the last…oh, let’s say…. ten chapters. Where suddenly the story changes from the humdrum 1950’s leave-to-beaver setting where wives cook and clean and suffer through sex with male chauvinist cheating husbands to a paranoid, hallucinogenic, SHCIZOPHRENIC mind-tripping sex-kitten weirdness where CIA/FBI maybe alien entities financed by nameless self-interested billionaires follow our heroine(?) and telepathic, nameless, wife-cheating, perverted doctor lover like they’re James Bond (her) and Miss Moneypenney (him). Files are stolen, false arrests are made, car chase–or two– happens…. Spy-like antics abound on every side. It all comes to head when … well… I’ll let future readers find out for themselves what happens next. (If they must!)

Amidst all the craziness, and with very little help to jump to conclusions, Jennie decides (kind of out of the blue that) she is the reincarnation of Mary Magdala and her MARRIED lover is the Christ reborn.

SERIOUSLY. This last bit of the book read like a schizophrenic’s diary!

It’s a wild ride. Sort of. What makes it so hard to swallow is that the second half of the book reads like a biography and (until the last ten or so VERY WEIRD chapters) it’s a very boring and badly written biography. It took every ounce of willpower I have access to not to put the book down and be done with it. Then, suddenly, I felt like I’d just taken a giant hit of acid and was tripping the light fantastic.

Supposedly, the author is “a professor of neurological psychology living in the USA in the year 2015 or 5775 in Jewish years.” I applaud the talent and intelligence required to be such. I cannot, however, applaud her foray into writing. If she really is what she claims to be, I would have to believe the writing would be better. Even if she’s not… the writing should have been better.

This was a very complicated review for me to write. I questioned my own motives for writing such a scathing review. Did it, I asked myself, have anything to do with my own Christianity and my defense of it? OR, is it just a bad book? Sincerely, it’s probably a little bit of both…but mostly, quite honestly, it’s just a bad book. Don’t waste your time.

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