Review: Shadow Beast

star 5

Shadow Beast

By: Luke Phillips



….just wow!

Shadow Beast, by Luke Phillips, is an amazing blend of Horror, Mystery, Suspense and Adventure.

Let me tell you what I liked about this story:

  1. The main characters are incredibly well written; they’re balanced and well defined. They are flawed and yet heroic and intrepid. I love that!
  2. Thomas Walker’s backstory is both compelling and telling when it comes to how the past affects the future. It pure genius.
  3. The creature…WOW. The creature is a mystery, history, calamity and deviltry. I can’t tell you much without throwing out spoilers, so I won’t. But let me just say…you’ll LOVE to hate this thing!
  4. The conflict between the creature and Thomas Walker is thrilling. So is the conflict between Walker and Fairbanks. And Walker and the elements. So much to push this story through to the end.
  5. I LOVED MEG! That is all…


Here’s what I didn’t like….

  1. Not much!!


This is a great book and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new…GOOD…read.

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