Review: The Lord of Fire

5 Stars

The Lord of Fire
By Susi Wright

Recently I asked friends/fellow authors/fellow reviewers plus a couple of bibliophiles I know to recommend books in the fantasy genre since my “to read” queue was empty for the first time in…forever. As you can imagine, the list ended up being very long indeed.

The Lord of Fire was #5 on my list.

I’m actually new to the Fantasy genre. I’m usually more of a paranormal/horror kind of gal. (Think Stephen King and Dean Koontz.) However, after recently discovering fantasy and earning my fairy wings I’m learning to love it!

The story revolves around two main characters: Luminor (The Lord of Fire) leader of the Gaian race and Fralii, a perfectly ordinary 15-year-old girl the 30-something Luminor falls in love with. Luminor (and all those of his species) can fly, control nature and manipulate human emotion. Fralii can whine, pout and get her way just as every other teen girl in the world of humans can. Don’t get me wrong. I like Fralii, she reminded me of the 15-yr-old I used to be. Together, Luminor and Fralii change their world.

Here’s what I liked about the story overall:

• The much older Luminor is the newly ordained leader of his people. It is his fervent desire that Gaians and humans come together as one people, despite their physical and societal differences. I like Luminor. He’s the Bernie Sanders of the 1200’s. He wants everyone to get along, do their part and make a difference. It’s a little naïve, but I like it!

• Yes, Fralii is a little too young for Luminor, but hey, it’s the middle ages in fantasy land…so we’re all good. By the end of the story she had (I hope) aged a little and matured a lot. She showed her inner steel and better side. I was pleased by that.

• There were several different antagonists in this story: Luminor’s father, gorilla sized bats with poisonous bites and a dragon—or Fire Adder, plus a murderous, duplicitous, bigoted human general. They kept the story line going with very little lag in between each encounter. The pace was fast and fun.

• I really liked how the author wrapped up the story in the end—no spoilers from me—just suffice it say it was sweet.

Here’s what I didn’t like about the story:

Not much.

It was a fun read. Very entertaining and exciting and a whole lot of heartwarming. Good Job Susi Wright!

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