Review: Harmonic Resonance

Harmonic Resonance By Nico Laeser No more electricity. No more devices. No more guarantees that the car in your driveway will work. The world, as we know it, has ended and something else—something frightening and weird—has taken its place. Can I be honest? I did not expect to like this book. I don’t know why. […]

Review: Shadow Beast

Shadow Beast By: Luke Phillips Horror/Mystery/Suspense/Adventure   WOW! ….just wow! Shadow Beast, by Luke Phillips, is an amazing blend of Horror, Mystery, Suspense and Adventure. Let me tell you what I liked about this story: The main characters are incredibly well written; they’re balanced and well defined. They are flawed and yet heroic and intrepid. […]

Review: Grendel’s Mother

  Grendel’s Mother by Diana Stout Fantasy Grendel’s mother (a 15-year-old girl at the start) is the narrator of the story and remains, from beginning to end, a nameless, faceless, nobody. As a girl of the time period (1000 a.d.-ish) she is seen more as property than cherished child by either of her parents. She […]

Review: The Lord of Fire

The Lord of Fire By Susi Wright Recently I asked friends/fellow authors/fellow reviewers plus a couple of bibliophiles I know to recommend books in the fantasy genre since my “to read” queue was empty for the first time in…forever. As you can imagine, the list ended up being very long indeed. The Lord of Fire […]

Review: Grits & Grace & God: Manna from Heaven Served Up Southern Style

Grits & Grace & God: Manna from Heaven Served Up Southern Style (Christian Devotions Ministries) by Martin W. Wiles I love reading Christian devotionals. When written well, they can teach, preach and reach all at the same time without pushing, shoving or strangling others with rhetoric and clichés. Dr. Wiles’ devotionals are very well written. […]