Review: Pink Tootsie

star 4

Pink Tootsie
by T.M. Raskin (Author)

Genre: Memoir

I belong to a Facebook Author’s group. I recently asked my friends within the group for book recommendations, “mostly in the horror or fantasy genre”. I received literally DOZENS of suggestions. Most of the books mentioned dragons, fairies, demons and serial killers. One, however, stood out from the rest.

T. M. Raskin—a Facebook friend, another author, and someone I’ve never before met in person—wrote: “How about something out of the box? It might make you uncomfortable, it might even make you mad. But, I think you’ll like it.” I was intrigued. So, I read the book description and summarily bought my copy of Pink Tootsie.

Here’s what I liked:

• It DID make me uncomfortable and it was like nothing I’d ever read before. And let me tell you, there was nothing about this book that made me think of rainbows, unicorns or fairies. However, there was a dragon or two. This is a memoir of the author’s broken life. Raped as a child, molested, attacked again and again by perverts; abandoned by family and friends alike; stepped on and over, used and abused by the world around her all she could do is what so many do in the same circumstance. She gave up; became addicted to drugs and let life just bowl her over.

This story is GRIPPING and HARD TO READ and yet… it is real and raw and explosive and different. That’s why I liked it.

• After having read the whole thing, in its entirety, I couldn’t help but notice the writing style went from being clumsy and awkward to more polished and even elegant towards the end. If I understood what I think I did, the author’s story—the writing down of it—started when she was very young and continued on until today. So, in essence, we the reader get to see her growth in so many different ways…including her writing. It was a wonderful thing to watch.

Here’s what I did not like about Pink Tootsie:

• While the story is certainly real and raw… there were places where it dragged a little. I’m sure the author never felt her life was dragging during the reality of it…but, for me, the reader, there was a time or two when I couldn’t help tapping my foot and thinking, “move on already”. But, that may be just a “me” thing. It is, however, the reason for my 4-star rating.

OVERALL, while this story is certainly not a pleasant read. It’s well worth the time, especially when the author shares the lessons she learned and the ways in which she has triumphed…failed…and triumphed again.

I’d recommend PINK TOOTSIE to anyone willing to bear witness to true pain and tragedy as well as real victory and joy.

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