Review: Advance

star 5

Advance: (Advance Industries Book 1)

by K A Duggsy (Author), selfpubbookcovers/shardel (Illustrator)

Genre: Sci Fi

Set in a future world where science is right on the brink of inventing teleportation, Faith Elaina finds herself caught up in a conspiracy that will change her life—and the future—forever.

Here’s what I liked about this book:

  • This is a very unique, very inventive story line. I was caught up right away in the intrigue, mystery and danger of it all. It’s very well written with a fast-paced rhythm. The story never lags and the intrigue continues from page 1 to the very last.
  • The characters are relatable and well-drawn. I like Faith immediately and detested Johns and Fraser. You will too!
  • The “science” stuff wasn’t above me. Some authors, when writing sci-fi tend to over explain their futuristic “stuff”. I don’t have an engineering degree; nor do I have a doctorate in all things 30th century…yet, most authors assume that I do. THIS author did not. Because of the way she wrote, I understood that this device or that one was meant for transportation, teleportation or communication without feeling as if I needed to be scientist or an engineer. At the same time, I didn’t feel “talked down to” either.
  • The love story was sweet. There weren’t a lot of SEX scenes…which was good. They weren’t necessary. Sometimes writers tend to believe that the gratuitous sex is what makes their book great. Sometimes, that’s true. But, they weren’t needed here and I appreciated that.
  • The other thing I found very exciting was that while the story is set in the future…our future…yet, elements of the even-further-future came into play as well. Time travel, not yet invented in the beginning of the story happens when travelers from the character’s future show up! It’s really a fun twist.

Here’s what I didn’t like:

  • While the love story was indeed sweet, and it wasn’t cram-packed with gratuitous sex, it was packed with lots and lots of “mushy stuff” as my grand-daughter calls it. Kye (a time-traveler from the future) a big Marine-type guy, muscle-bound and soldier-y, the leader of a squad of futuristic warriors, was constantly talking to others and himself about how much he loves Faith. Don’t get me wrong, women like to be told they’re loved and we like to read about great love stories. However, these “mushy” moments appeared in some of the most awkward places—right in the middle of a rescue; while punches were being thrown and lives were in danger—Kye would stop the action to think about how much he loves her and how he can’t live without her and how wonderful she is…sweet…but… just awkward sometimes.

Other than that… I had no other complaints. The book is well written; the characters were complex. The story line was believable and relatable. It’s a great read!

I would recommend it to anyone.

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