Review: Stone Maidens

star 4

Stone Maidens
By: Lloyd Devereux Richards
Genre(s): Mystery, Thriller, Detective, Horror & (maybe even a little) Paranormal

I read this book months ago; I’m just now realizing I never reviewed it. This makes me feel badly because I actually liked the book and the author needs to know it. Reviews are bread and butter to writers!

So, Mr. Richards, let me tell you what I liked about your book:

1. The main character, Christine Prusik, “the chief forensic anthropologist for the FBI’s Chicago field office”, is neurotic, anxiety ridden and comes complete with a devastating history. And yet, she’s also strong, smart and capable. The problem is, her co-workers don’t see her that way. That got my ire up—for both her and me. I hate being dismissed by men who think women are only important in kitchen’s and birthing rooms. So, you go Christine!

2. The story line is both entertaining and chilling. Not only is the killer cruel and monstrous he seems to be somehow linked—maybe on a psychic level to Christine’s history. Every move he makes is reminiscent of what she herself went through in New Guinea. (No spoilers from me!)

3. Joe, the local Sheriff Christine partners with to hunt this killer down, is a sweetheart…maybe to his detriment. I liked him very much. He’s very well written and makes the perfect yin to Christine’s yang.

4. Christine’s co-workers (including the boss she had an affair with) are jerks and misogynistic creeps. However, I liked how well they were written. I’ve known jerks just like them and these characters reminded me of my own personal cavemen experiences. When an author can make his characters so real you want to punch them…he’s a really good writer!

Here’s what I didn’t like, Mr. Richards:

1. While the story-line was entertaining, it wasn’t unique; not in its entirety. (The New Guinea side story was fairly different, however.) At times, I almost felt as if I were watching an episode of Law and Order, SVU. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the story-line, I did. I like Law and Order and I liked this book. I’m just saying it was a little predictable. Just a little.

That’s it. My only “criticism” and the reason I would rate this book a 4.5. But, Amazon doesn’t have ½ star ratings so I had to make it a four. But, I really liked this book and would recommend it to anyone who likes mystery, intrigue, detective stories and paranormal touches. It’s a good read!

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