Review: Lotus Blood

star 5


By: Dean Norton

Cover Illustration by: P. Kylnitayakorn



This is a unique and entertaining book!

Let me tell you what I loved about it:

  1. The characters are complex and well developed. Main character Nam is a 15-yr-old ½ British ½ Thai Goth with a penchant for temper tantrums. Twin brother, Junior is the exact opposite; calm, contemplative and friendly. Simon, the 3rd musketeer begins his part of the story as a traumatized socially awkward loner. By the end of the book all three have discovered strengths…and weaknesses… within themselves that the other two fortify and build up, turning them all into a crack team of demon hunters.


  1. The story never lags. Even though the action sequences are not stacked up, one atop the other, the in-between quieter moments are just as enlightening and fun to read. As a side note, the action scenes are very well written and are packed with just enough description to keep the mind entertained without gumming up the works with too much alliterative…junk.


  1. The story line is different. I’ve read lots of paranormal and horror stories in my time, but this one has that little something extra that makes it unique and entertaining. Maybe it was the “visual” I had in my head of the Thailand setting and the exotic Asian characters with the “auditory” colloquialisms of the British. “Sod off”, “Daft”, “Brilliant” and the like. Or, maybe it was the kind and type of demons. They certainly were different from American vampires and werewolves—flying red-haired long-tongued monster-heads with entrails hanging down from their open necks … that’s a new one on me! Whatever it is that makes this book special…it works!


Here’s what I didn’t like:

  1. Not much. I think my only criticism would be the over-use of the phrase, “you stupid cow”. I’m not much for name calling, even in the books I read, and that happened way too often for my tastes.

But, if that’s my only complaint—and it is—it’s not much to worry about, is it?

I would definitely recommend this book to those enjoy action, paranormal and/or horror stories. This fits the bill.

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