Review: 29 Argyle Drive

star 3

29 Argyle Drive

By: David Turri


Often, when writing a review, I tend to wax poetic and let my inner-author slip out and indulge herself—which is a waxy, poetic way of saying I write long prose-filled reviews that take too long to say, “I liked it” or “I didn’t”.  Not going to do that with this review (I know, too late).

  1. I DID like it. Once it FINALLY got started. I’ll be honest with you, for the first (oh, I don’t know…) 4 chapters I honestly thought I’d mistaken the type of book I was reading. I was expecting horror and got a biography. HOWEVER, I stuck it out. Once I broke through the biographical information about the main(ish) characters the horror part was excellent.
  2. The author did a great job of describing the action taking place. In addition, I thought his characters were well written and well developed (Victor Hancock reminded me very much of my grand-father). And that made them very relatable. So, I rooted for the good guys, boo-ed the bad guys and felt sorry for all those caught in between.
  3. And, as silly as it may sound, I enjoyed reading about the setting of the story as well. I’ve never been out of the states. So, of course, I know nothing about New Zealand (the story setting). So reading about the land of kiwis, seeing the colloquialisms in print and “seeing” the landscape through the character’s eyes was fascinating.

Those are the things I liked. Let’s talk about what I didn’t.

  1. The story went on WAAAY past where it should have ended. Right after what I thought was the natural and most obvious ending, the author kept going. He “wrapped up” each character’s story-line in way too much detail. THEN he added a whole new action scene with new characters. I thought, well I don’t see the need for this tack on, but okay. I guess the author wanted to hit us with that one last BOO. Then, after the point at which the tack on should have ended…it kept going! It got worse when, the author added AN ADDITIONAL new story in the middle of the tack on’s drag on. What was weird was the information about the big earthquake (made a part of the description of this book on Amazon) doesn’t appear until this point when I (as the reader) am thinking, “what the heck? Is this book ever going to end?”

The sad part is, the earthquake was real. It really did happen in 2011 and it destroyed most of the real city of Christchurch (the setting of the story). Real people died and real lives were destroyed…and I didn’t care. I was too frustrated with the author for nailing this addition onto the very, VERY tail end of the story where it had absolutely no relevance. At all!

Even after saying all that, I would recommend this book to those who love horror stories. It was good. Just be prepared for all that tack-on drag-on stuff at the end.


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