Review: Open Doors

Open Doors by Grace Hudson (Author) Genre: Fantasy I am a relatively new member of the Fantasy Fan Club. Until about 4 months ago, I never read anything but Horror/Sci-Fi and Mysteries. Books like Open Door have changed all that for me! Here’s what I liked about Open Doors: • I’ve been a reader all […]

Review: Pink Tootsie

Pink Tootsie by T.M. Raskin (Author) Genre: Memoir I belong to a Facebook Author’s group. I recently asked my friends within the group for book recommendations, “mostly in the horror or fantasy genre”. I received literally DOZENS of suggestions. Most of the books mentioned dragons, fairies, demons and serial killers. One, however, stood out from […]

Ramble: I’m sorry…so sorry…

I’m Sorry I’m sorry. Oh dear, I’m sorry. I’m SOOOO sorry! Sorry. I’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorry If I had the time, hours and hours…and hours… I’d count the number of times “I’m Sorry” is said in this house. I have a feeling the number would be astronomical. We—my daughter, grand-daughter and I—are “sorry-ers” from way back. My daughter, […]

Write: How do YOU break through Writer’s Block?

Writer/Author friends: Have you seen the game below on Facebook? I’ve found it’s actually a pretty cool tool for breaking writer’s block. I use a character’s name and fill out the questions and when I’m finished, I can often get back to work without any problems. It takes you OUT of the block and puts […]

Review: Advance

Advance: (Advance Industries Book 1) by K A Duggsy (Author), selfpubbookcovers/shardel (Illustrator) Genre: Sci Fi Set in a future world where science is right on the brink of inventing teleportation, Faith Elaina finds herself caught up in a conspiracy that will change her life—and the future—forever. Here’s what I liked about this book: This is […]

Review: The Timekeeper

The Timekeeper By: Lee Wardlow Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal  What a great story! I want to say up front, I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion in review. Let me tell you what I liked about this story: The characters—all the characters. Adone & Sonnie, Lucas & Savannah (main […]

Write: Ambassador Angie!

Hey everyone! I got some great news the other day. I am now an Ambassador for the Booksgosocial Authors/Readers/Reviewer groups. Basically what this means is that I will be helping other authors to get to the word out about their books. And other Ambassadors for the groups will be doing the same for me. So, […]

Review: Stone Maidens

Stone Maidens By: Lloyd Devereux Richards Genre(s): Mystery, Thriller, Detective, Horror & (maybe even a little) Paranormal I read this book months ago; I’m just now realizing I never reviewed it. This makes me feel badly because I actually liked the book and the author needs to know it. Reviews are bread and butter to […]

READ & RAMBLE: Different Combinations

Many years ago, a musician friend of mine (Rodger Isom) said, “There are no new songs. Every possible combination of musical notes has already been written and re-written and written again. The “new” songs you hear today are just different combinations of the same old notes. And,” he emphasized, “because all the note combinations there […]

Review: Lotus Blood

LOTUS BLOOD By: Dean Norton Cover Illustration by: P. Kylnitayakorn Paranormal/Horror   This is a unique and entertaining book! Let me tell you what I loved about it: The characters are complex and well developed. Main character Nam is a 15-yr-old ½ British ½ Thai Goth with a penchant for temper tantrums. Twin brother, Junior […]