Review: The Story of Son

star 4
The Story of Son: A Dark Vampire Romance
by J. R. Ward (Author)It’s going to be difficult to review this novella simply because it was so short. I will have to try hard NOT to let my review end up being longer than the original story.

Son is a vampire of the Black Dagger Brotherhood ilk. But, as far as I could tell, his story does not intersect any of the Brotherhood stories. In fact, as the story winds itself up, it is stated that Son has no idea who or what he is or how he came to be…

The story revolves around Claire Stroughton, a high powered New York lawyer, who is kidnapped by a client (an eccentric, extremely wealthy, 90-something old woman) and dumped in the basement of the old lady’s mansion to serve as “food” for Son, the old woman’s vampire offspring. Turns out, the old woman provides a meal like this to her son once a year. Claire is just the latest entrée.

The story of Son first appeared in DEAD AFTER DARK, an anthology of shorts from featured author Sherrilyn Kenyon which included other authors like Susan Squires and Diana Love and, of course, J.R. Ward.

I have to say that I am not a fan of anthologies and/or short stories; especially when they are as well written as this one. (I know. WHAT???) Here’s why. I wanted more. I wanted to know (1) was the old lady a vampire too? (2) Why did she have her son chained up in the basement? (3) Who was his father? (4) Were Son and his mother part of the Glymera? (5) What sort of creature was the butler (incredibly elderly man with the strength of Thor)? Etc. Etc. Etc.

A friend once described short stories as being “literary snacks”. If that’s true, this snack left me starving!

I would love to see Son—renamed Michael by Claire—become the focus of a full book. Maybe he could be a long lost legacy of the Brotherhood. Or, maybe he could turn out to be the long lost brother of the king, Wrath, that no one ever knew existed. Or, maybe…*SIGH* So many possibilities!

Honestly, I liked this story. Just as honestly I have to say, would not have bought it if I had realized it was a short story (right at 100 pages). I was not paying attention when I saw it, I supposed. But, since I did indeed purchase it and read it and liked it… I would have to rate this story at least a 4-star read.

If you like short stories and/or novellas you’ll like this one!

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