Review: The Mind Readers (Book 1)

star 5

The Mind Readers
By: Lori Brighton
I would classify this book as being in the YA genre.
Cameron Winters is not your average high school senior. No matter how hard she tries. She has all the right friends, attends all the best parties and makes the grade on every level…one thing sets her apart. Cameron can read minds.

Even though Cameron’s grandmother also reads minds—mostly her grand-daughter’s—Cameron feels very much alone in the world. She fears that she and her grandmother are freaks, the only freaks of their kind on the whole planet.

When dashing Lewis Douglas suddenly appears her life she realizes she’s not the only mind reader and everything changes for her.

I didn’t really realize this was a young adult story until I was pretty far into it. That’s a good thing. I never felt as if I were reading below my own level. This is very well written. Ms. Brighton does a very good job of keeping the action going from beginning to end without making the story feel rushed.

The main characters are very well rounded. We see all sides of each one—strengths, weaknesses, love and hate, fear and love. There is nothing worse than a flat character and I didn’t see any of those in this book.

My only criticism, if you want to call it that is this: There were some “minor” characters (Caroline, Olivia and one or two others) that I felt the author was…holding back on. They probably feature more in the next book (I don’t know yet) but in this one, they seemed important but weren’t really. It’s hard to explain…and that, I suppose, is where the rub lies. There was just enough information about each to make me recognize they could feature, be more important to the story…perhaps at later time…but not enough information (in this book anyway) to make their appearances in this story more than just a nuisance–mainly because I wanted more of each. Who were they? What part did they actually play? WHY were THEY there?

Other than that… I loved this story.

Readers should be aware; this is the first book in a series. I didn’t realize that until near the end. It is a good story and I WILL be reading the sequels.

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