Review: Blood Bond

star 5

Blood Bond
By: Alicia Ryan

Blood Bond is probably one of the most unique stories I’ve read in a long time.

I love vampire stories, and tales from the Georgian era of London; I love time traveling stories and stories that feature love triangles…but, I’ve never found all of those story-lines in one book!

Roxanna Collins is a singer in Las Vegas (That’s where I live! Gasp!) who is ripped through time by a magical soul—that once belonged to the vampire Darren Andrew Highmore, the Earl of Richmond. There, in London in 1815, she finds herself torn between the vampire and virginal Philip Branham, her piano player where she’s found employment at a singer in a refined (?) English Men’s Club.
You can’t get much more unique than that!

Ms. Ryan is a wonderful writer. The story is different but so well written that it all just …MAKES SENSE. The characters are well written and relatable. When Roxanna was amused or frightened or angry, I was amused, frightened and angry. Phillip was so different than other romance novel heroes—not often do you come across virginal and (almost) incorruptible men in these kinds of stories—and yet, he was still heroic and romantic and sexy! Darren, Roxanna’s main squeeze, WAS everything you expect in a vampire—scary, strong, monstrous and bloodthirsty. Yet, he was also tender, generous and kind.

There was a time, in my twenties, when I read nothing but romances. It was the only genre I cared anything about. Then, as I got older, I began to steer more toward fantasy, sci-fi and the paranormal. Mainly because romance novels all seemed to follow the script. No matter who the author was you expect each book to run along the same lines. Although I rarely read romances anymore, I’m glad I read this one. It was NOT cut from the same cloth as all the others and I loved it!

If I had a criticism at all it would be this. Andrew—Darren’s soul—was…underdeveloped or under-explained. I’m not sure which. He was the only “character”—being a separate being from Darren—that I just wasn’t sure what his purpose was, other than to bring Roxanna into the past. After that he just sort of…hung around.

However, he did nothing to detract from my enjoyment of this book.

I would recommend it to anyone who loves vampires, 1815 England, Las Vegas lounge singers, romance and modern day pop songs.

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