Review: The Remains


star 4

The Remains
By: Vincent Zandri

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered this book. I’m so glad that I didn’t…it was an exciting, heart-thumping thrill ride!
Main Character Rebecca Underhill is an artist, a divorced woman and a broken soul.
Years before the story starts in this book, Rebecca and her twin sister were kidnapped and abused by a monster who was later brought to justice to spend most of his life in prison. Rebecca never recovers from the damage he did to her life; especially after her twin dies of cancer as an adult and Rebecca alone must carry the burden of what they went through as children.

This story is creepy and exciting all at the same time. I like the character of Rebecca. Someone else might describe her as weak or afraid…and they’d be correct. However, I thought she was written with a humanity that was very real. I couldn’t help but feel that in her shoes, I would react and act the exact same way she did.

All of the characters were fun to get to know—except, of course, the bad guy who scared me to death.

There were quite a few spelling and grammar errors and a couple of times, toward the end of the book, the author switched from third person to first in the same sentence. I will also say there were some portions of the story I found to be …unnecessary. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone but I will say that the best friend’s situation was superfluous and distracting. It was unneeded and I didn’t like it. Also…have to be honest and say I wasn’t in love with the ending. It seemed to be rather abrupt. Everything was tied up in a neat little bow; but, in a somewhat unsatisfactory way. That’s just my opinion.

Overall, however, I loved it.

I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys suspense, intrigue, mystery and/or a little touch of the paranormal.

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