Ramble: It’s all a matter of perspective…

I’ve never done this before, used my comments on another blogger’s post to create a post of my own. BUT…

Today, on one of the blogs I follow, DRINKERS WITH WRITING PROBLEMS, Sandra Benedetto posted, “15 Things Chicagoans Say in Winter”. You can find her posts here.

Her list of 15 things was funny, cheeky and 100% true. I laughed from beginning to end. I couldn’t help thinking, however: You should be in Las Vegas during the summer months (April thru Oct).

Here’s what I posted in her comments section:

I suppose it’s all a matter of perspective.

I live in Las Vegas, Nevada where the heat index can reach 110 in April and 125 in August (and it has).

(For me personally, or should I say for my husband…) Things are worse when, my husband, a service tech has to spend many of those ultra-hot (June, July and) August days on two story rooftops…remember heat rises…

161When the temps on the concrete of your sidewalk are hot enough to sear meat and fry eggs, he’s two stories above the ground working like a dog in the uplift from the fire below. We’d welcome a little snow, some days.

The things Nevadans say:

1: “Yeah, it’s hot. But, it’s a dry heat”.

2: “Don’t worry. It’ll cool down in October…the end of October.”

3. “Spring? What’s that?”

4. “It’s not really hot until at least 25 tourists have had heat stroke on the Strip!”

5. “It’s only 115. Let’s go hiking!”

6. “Wow! The temp outside is only 98 degrees. I guess it’s not going to get hot today after all.”

7. (When a tourist asks, “Is it always this hot?”) “NOOO, in February it’s only 80.”

8. (When a tourist tries to compete) “It reached 102 in Colorado last summer, for one whole day? Wow…how did you survive?”

9. “I’ve changed my uniform four times since noon because of the sweat.”


10. “It could be worse. We could live in Chicago during the winter.”

…All a matter of perspective! 🙂

Where do YOU live and what’s your perspective?

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"I'd like to think of myself as a blended mix of Southern charm and humor. What I really am is a hot mess of sin and sass. Jesus loves me either way."

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