Review: One Lavender Ribbon

5 Stars

One Lavender Ribbon
By: Heather Burch

Still hurting from the injuries sustained to her heart after a very ugly divorce, Adrienne Carter leaves her heartache behind in Chicago and travels to Southern Florida where she finds and buys a dilapidated old home not far from the sunny beach. She begins the rehabilitation project on the house and finds, in the attic, an old box filled with letters, tied with one lavender ribbon. The letters were written during WWII by an army paratrooper to his lady love, a girl who lived in Adrienne’s house more than 50 years ago. The letters are so beautifully written, so heart wrenching and poetic, that Adrienne finds herself obsessed with finding the writer of these emotional epistolaries, William Bryant.

Ultimately, the book is about love and romance. Adrienne meets William and his grandson Will and her life is changed.

I truly enjoyed this lovely little book. I found that I could relate to Adrienne’s obsession and all the things she did and didn’t do to see them through to their conclusion. I, too, am very obsessed when I get an idea into my head and I just can’t let it go. When Adrienne found herself at the wrong end of Will’s ire (more than once) I thought, I feel you girl. My husband is forever telling me to “let it go”, when I get stuck on something like Adrienne got stuck on the idea of William Bryant. That relatability is what me like Adrienne so much.

This story is very sweet! I will admit that very little of the overall plot was a surprise to me. I could see each twist and curve coming long before it arrived. HOWEVER, that didn’t stop me from enjoying the story.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a heart warming romance story.

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