Review: Dead Radiance

5 Stars

Dead Radiance
By: T. G. Ayer
YA fiction

“Bryn Halbrook, modern teenager, creature of myth.”

Bouncing around from foster home to foster home after the death of her father, Bryn Halbrook FINALLY finds a place she can call home. It’s there, in the home of Ms. Custer, her latest foster mom that she meets Aiden, the newest resident. He’s up to something. Before Bryn can find out what it is, she’s swept away into a world of myth, gods and mythical creatures. Why? Because she’s not just an ordinary girl. Bryn Halbrook is a Valkyrie!

I really enjoyed this story. Very well written. The blend of contemporary teenage pathos and come-to-life myth is very well done. The author succeeded in making what COULD BE a silly concept, not silly at all. The author clearly did a great deal of research into Norse Mythology. I was impressed.

This book is the first book in The Valkyrie series by T. G. Ayer. It did end in a cliffhanger (which is a technique I personally don’t like) which means that in order to finish the rest of the story I have to read the next book…and the next and the next and so forth.
Overall, though, it’s a great read, especially for Young Adults (it’s intended audience).

I would recommend it to anyone who might be interested in YA fiction, mythology and/or teen angst.

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