Review: Blood Kiss

5 Stars

By: J R Ward

Paradise, “blooded daughter” of the Vampire King’s First Advisor, a member of the glymera (aristocracy) falls head over heels for Craeg, a vampire commoner.

I love the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. My daughter and I patiently wait (NOT) for each new book to drop as if it was food and we were starving. I felt exactly the same way about this first book in the new series—an offshoot of the original—Blood Kiss (A Black Dagger Legacy). The main characters, Paradise and Craeg (and yes, that’s the way it’s spelled) are part of the next generation of Vampire Warriors. As they train to become what they’re destined to be, the protectors of the realm, they fall in love and live happily ever after…well, sort of.

Ms. Ward’s books are always full of intrigue, danger, violence and mystery. This book is no exception. The twists and turns were plentiful and the tension among all the characters was written so strongly that even I, the reader, flinched when the characters came together—before they worked their problems out.

The secondary story-line about the Black Dagger Brother, Butch and his mate, Marissa, is just as exciting as Paradise and Craeg’s story! Having been introduced to Butch and his family in earlier books—and loving him—it was nice to see that the original characters will still figure prominently in the new series. Although there are a few places in this part of the new story, where a first reader might wonder about the back story behind Marissa and Butch’s romance…I don’t think it such a stumbling block that it would hinder a new reader from jumping right into the new series and moving forward.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the paranormal, romance, mystery, thrillers. It’s a great new start to a great new series!

Be warned though! These books are FILLED with wild, crazy & dirty sex. If you can’t handle that…don’t read them!

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