Review: White Ghost & the Poison Arrow

4 Stars

By: Kellie Steele

I would categorize WHITE GHOST and the POISON ARROW as both fantasy and Young Adult.

I love fantasy stories! The idea of being able to speak to animals and them being able to understand and respond in some way is every little girl’s dream. WHITE GHOST and the POISON ARROW is the embodiment of that dream.

Main character Arella (I love that name!) is a 14-year-old outsider. Unlike the rest of her tribe she is super thin, pale white with silver hair and purple hued eyes. Because of her differences, she is neglected and mistreated by her tribe. Eventually, she strikes out on her own.

Not long after escaping the torturous life she’s known, she finds an “Auron Cat”, a mother, dying from a poisoned arrow and limping toward her hidden cave to spend her last moments with her kitten. Arella follows her and after some silent communication between the two, Arella inherits the care of the kitten she names “Maska”.

After Maska grows and becomes strong, the two decide to set out on a hunt for Maska’s mother’s killers.

It’s quite a story. I found it entertaining and was actually disappointed when the story ended.

At the same time, honestly, there were some issues with the book.

The number of typographical errors was overwhelming. This book needed and certainly would have benefited from an editor’s touch. For myself, this was a small problem…but it didn’t stop me from reading the whole story. Other readers might not find these errors to be so easily ignored. {I’m told, since the time I wrote the original review, the author has edited and updated these errors.} There were–for me–some pacing issues, as well.

However, even with the issues I’ve reported, I can still say that I enjoyed the story. I found Arella to be engaging and likable. Maska the cat (whom I imagined to be a black panther type of cat…I honestly don’t know what an Auron cat is) was lovable and endearing. I very much wanted to “love him and pet him and squeeze him.”

It is obvious to me that author Kellie Steele has some very real talent. Looking forward to watching her grow as a writer.

[Can I be honest? My original review of this book was a smidge more harsh–according to the author. Although, I didn’t mean it to be harsh…I was just being honest.

In addition to the issues I reported above, there were other problems concerning this book, for me. For example, the author is British and in her writing, she used many modern day British colloquialisms. I.E. the main character Arella and her panther wouldn’t just eat meals…they “took tea”.  This wouldn’t be a problem except that the story is set in an ancient Indian time period–according the author. (For me, it was hard to tell the time period.) I promise you, ancient Indians did not “take tea”, even the ones living in what would one day become Great Britain.

After reading the review, the author responded (by private email) in a way that made it clear to me that she was offended and hurt by what I had written. So…because she went out of her way to communicate with me and let me know that she had corrected some of the errors, I changed some of the sentences in my review which she found to be “harsh” and upped my rating by one star.

Take this information and do with it what you will.]

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