Review: Dead Radiance

Dead Radiance By: T. G. Ayer YA fiction “Bryn Halbrook, modern teenager, creature of myth.” Bouncing around from foster home to foster home after the death of her father, Bryn Halbrook FINALLY finds a place she can call home. It’s there, in the home of Ms. Custer, her latest foster mom that she meets Aiden, […]

Review: Hollywood Warts ‘N’ All

      Hollywood Warts n’ All By: Alan Royle This is a collection of tell-all stories about Hollywood and its most famous stars, scandals, fights, love affairs and sexy (not so secret) secrets. I am a HUGE fan of Hollywood. The intrigue, the mystery, the scandals…especially those that occurred in the first 100 years […]

Write: Why It’s Important to Review the Books You Read

  Recently, I joined a book review club and here’s the reason why: I love to read. I love to write and I thought combing my two favorite things would be fun and exciting! One of my first review experiences came when a FB acquaintance, another member of the review club, sent me a message […]

Ramble: My Training Wheels

When I was little and just learning to ride my bicycle, I had training wheels. They were my friends; I trusted them and depended on them. They kept me safe. They prevented me from falling, helped in the process of turning corners and gave me confidence to do new and different things and go where […]


WRITER’S DIGEST Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 336 By: Robert Lee Brewer | January 13, 2016 Last week, I mentioned three of my poems that were published in issue two of By&By Poetry on January 1 (click to read the poems). This week, I had a poem published on page eight of the debut issue of Englyn, […]

Review: 25 Spooky Deep Sea Creatures

  By: Selena Dale I read this book with my 10 year old grand-daughter. We both enjoyed it very much. It was written in such a way as to be very informative and yet, it wasn’t too far above her (or me!). I have to say…I’m kind of creeped out by the spooky creatures out […]