Review: ZOO

3 Stars

By: James Patterson/Michael Ledwidge
Genre: Science Fiction???

Animals all over the world rise in revolt against the humans on the planet. Animals of every type, from African Lions to house pets begin to perpetrate vicious, bloody and monstrous attacks against humans—for sport, or so it seems. Dr. Jackson Oz begins to see a pattern and theorizes its cause. If only he could get the world to listen to his ideas.

Unlike many of the other reviewers, I liked ZOO. I thought this story was entertaining, exciting and a fun read. The first few chapters are amazing!
I am especially fond of Jackson’s pet chimpanzee, Attila, who finds himself leader of the animal uprising—at least in his little part of the world. I actually found myself rooting for him—hoping he’d get it together and go back to being the sweet little boy he had been before the world fell apart.

Yet, like so many of the other reviewers, I have to agree that ZOO was not up to Patterson standards. The story fell apart in some places and in the attempt to bring the reader back on the track, the writers left serious gaping holes. For example, the science was somewhat sketchy…

Yet, it’s fiction. One sometimes has to suspend unbelief in order to read works of fiction. This was one of those times.

Having said that, I have to reiterate that I liked the book overall. It was fun….but, sadly, not very well written.

(In the spirit of full disclosure: I read this book sometime over the summer. I just never got around to reviewing it until Dec. I forgot all about it…which, if you think about it, IS a commentary on how much I liked (?) it.)

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