Review: Unsevered

5 Stars

By: Traci Sanders

Genre: Romance (Maybe a little Paranormal)

The perfect man, the perfect honeymoon and the perfect house; Jewel Decker has it all…until, fate takes it away. Jewel’s husband, Harley, a pilot in the Air Force, is deployed to the Middle East just days after they return from their honeymoon. In short order, Harley is killed in action leaving Jewel to cope with loss of her new husband and old dreams. Can she go on? How will she cope? Will she learn to live and love again?

I read this book in about three hours. Did not intend to read it all in one sitting, but it was too hard to put down once I got started. Ms. Sanders’ characters—especially Jewel—are very well written, fully formed and relatable. I grieved with Jewel when Harley died. I put myself in her place and the empathy I had for her was a real as any I might have for a flesh-and-blood person I knew personally.

I would HAVE to classify this story as a romance…but, honestly, I found it to be more about Jewel and the life she’s forced to live after Harley’s death. I liked that. Watching her move from tragedy to acceptance, from sadness to joy and so on and so on was encouraging and exciting.

I will say, however, that the story seemed to lag JUST A LITTLE in places. But, that’s okay. Life in the “real world’ lags sometimes too.

I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to everyone who enjoys a good story about loving others and loving yourself.

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"I'd like to think of myself as a blended mix of Southern charm and humor. What I really am is a hot mess of sin and sass. Jesus loves me either way."

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