READ: How many of these have YOU read? 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime 1984 (Signet Classics) George Orwell, Erich Fromm (4,018) Mass Market…: $8.51 A Brief History of Time ›Stephen Hawking (1,452) Paperback: $11.24 Kindle Edition A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering… ›Dave Eggers (1,204) Paperback: $9.93 Kindle Edition A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy… ›Ishmael Beah (1,415) Paperback: […]

Review: ZOO

By: James Patterson/Michael Ledwidge Genre: Science Fiction??? Animals all over the world rise in revolt against the humans on the planet. Animals of every type, from African Lions to house pets begin to perpetrate vicious, bloody and monstrous attacks against humans—for sport, or so it seems. Dr. Jackson Oz begins to see a pattern and […]

Review: Unsevered

By: Traci Sanders Genre: Romance (Maybe a little Paranormal) The perfect man, the perfect honeymoon and the perfect house; Jewel Decker has it all…until, fate takes it away. Jewel’s husband, Harley, a pilot in the Air Force, is deployed to the Middle East just days after they return from their honeymoon. In short order, Harley […]

Review: When the Devil Climbs

By: Drake Vaughn Genre: Fiction/Horror This STORY is unfeasible and frankly, ridiculous. Russ Grote, the main character, and his coworkers, are trapped upon the decking of an enormous billboard by a drift (a herd/or group) of pigs; sick, violent, aggressive and murderous pigs that eat every human they come across—LITERALLY. And, if that weren’t enough […]

Review: The Shadows: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood

By: J R Ward Genre: Paranormal Romance Setting: Present Day Caldwell, New York I have been reading J R Ward books almost non-stop since I first discovered her writing seven or eight years ago. I have read every single story in her Black Dagger Brotherhood series. This latest offering, THE SHADOWS, is just as wonderful, […]

Review: A Discreet Gentleman of Discovery

by Kris Tualla Genre: Historical Fiction/Romance/Mystery Like most romantic heroes, Brander Hansen (aka: Lord Olaf Olsen) is the strong silent type. Unlike most protagonists, however, he’s silent for a reason; he is completely deaf and purposefully mute. Cheated out of his inheritance at 23, Brander leaves home with his best friend-cousin turned personal valet, changes […]

Review: Mail-Order Bride: Treasuring Polly: A Christmas Novelette

By April Jensen (Author) What a sweet book! I bought it this afternoon….and finished it completely in less than two hours. It was just so engaging I couldn’t put it down! Polly, orphaned herself at 3, finds herself raising the orphaned little girl of her best friend tragically killed in a train wreck. Down on […]