Review: Mother of Wolves (Evalyce Worldshaper Book 1)

4 Stars

Evalyce: Worldshaper
By: J Aislynn d’Merricksson
Science Fiction/Fantasy

Theme: Set in a world of blended ‘magik’ and technology–ripe with the dragon-kin, kitsune, mages, demi-gods and starships—this is a story of good versus evil.

1. a magician or learned person magik (adjective)
2. used in magic or working by magic; having or apparently having supernatural powers.

Young and beautiful, Kalla kyl’Solidor, an incredible, naturally gifted mage trainee and her newly appointed Arkaddian magister (body guard, assistant, conduit for magik), Aleister ‘Sky Fox’ Balflear, and a Wyvern (a dragon-like creature with the ability to communicate telepathically with Kalla) named Amaterasu, and other mages and mystical creatures, must defeat and re-imprison the evil Al’dhumarna Lord of the Living Nightmare, “a creature crafted of the deepest, darkest fears of humanity”, after he escapes his magik-held cage and wreaks havoc on the world of De Sikkari.

I very much liked the story of Kalla and Aleister; I found it entertaining and intriguing. I found myself rooting for the heroes and mentally “boo-ing” the bad guys. These characters, all of them, are engaging and very personable, very real in a manner of speaking. I discovered, in no time at all, that I wanted—desperately—for Kalla and her magister to win against all odds and come out the victors. Just as desperately, I wanted Al’dhumarna to be defeated. In other words, I was able to put myself into the story…I chose sides and became, if only minimally, a part of the action. In my book, that’s always a sign of a really good story!

I will admit, however, that I did have a hard time with the many, many almost un-pronounceable names of characters and places. Every time I came across the name, Amaterasu (the dragon-like Wyvern, a main character), I mentally stumbled and had to go back and sound it out in my head. I had the same trouble with the name Al’dhumarna and others. This was a stumbling block to my complete enjoyment of the story. However, I do recognize the need to use exotic sounding names for such an exotic and mysterious setting as De Sikkari. Calling the Wyvern “Jane” would have been just as much of a stumbling block…

Let me say though, despite the hard-to-pronounce names of people and places, the author– J Aislynn d’Merricksson—did succeed in drawing me into the setting and the narrative. The book is very well written. The settings—both locale and character temperament—are so well drawn in the imagination the reader has no trouble visualizing where the story takes place or the attitudes and moods of the players involved. The author leads the reader into following the story logically from beginning to end. I never found myself wondering “what just happened” or “how did we get here” as has happened to me while reading other Science Fiction and Fantasy genre books.

Overall, I found the story and its characters to be fun and likeable—except for the bad guys, whom I loathed, as I was supposed to!
Evalyce: Worldshaper is BOOK ONE in a series. I am very much looking forward to reading the rest of the story and seeing how it all turns out. I would definitely recommend this book and its fellows to anyone interested in a fantasy-filled good time!

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